CMus playlist

I have 2 Raspberrys, 1 running HA and the other one CMus player in a console.
I’ve succesfully configured CMus media player component, and I’m able to play mp3 and TTS on CMus remote player using an script.
The issue I’m facing is that I want to play a playlist instead of a unique mp3. As I read on CMus media player documentation, it should be possible just changing the media type to ‘playlist’.
I’ve tried many combinations, but I always get an error message in CMus player stating “Error: Couldn’t get file information for XXXXX”.
I’ve reviewed the source code of PyCmus, (HA) and CMus, and looks like the limitation is in CMus itself. It’s expecting a file, not a playlist.
Does anyone have found any workaround to make it work?
How can I contact the developer of to suggest some changes?

Thanks in advance.