CNCT Intelliplug

Hi !

Does anyone know if those plugs are compatible with HA ? I found nothing so far, they are google, ifft and alexa compatible. What can I do to add them to HA ?

I have the ip, mac address so far.

Thanks !

Anyone use those smart plugs ?

I just replied to your other post. If you cannot add the intelliplug to HA, you can still use IFTTT to control your intelliplug. Connect the CNCT-Serive to your IFTTT account, and you should be able to set something up.


Cool, thanks a lot ! I’ll give it a try tonight !

You’re lucky you have plugs that work.

I ordered 3 and only one works. Support was a joke and they tried to blame my network. Lol. My response was “How the F is one working if my network doesn’t support them?”

I have 6 plugs, all 6 are working !