Co2 regulator and Fuzzy Logic

Dont suppose there is a custom integration for regulating Co2 into a greenhouse using Fuzzy Logic? Most physical controllers with a simple sensor have the ability which I have but would rather use a few SCD-40’s scattered around and use the average of them to turn on/off the Co2 regulator.

Basically I would like the regulator to be turned on (I would do this with a relay) until a set PPM (parts per million) is reached but from normal levels using a PID controller it would constantly let Co2 out which can freeze the regulator and lines so Fuzzy Logic programming turns the regulator on/off until the set point is reached in short bursts. I think that makes sense?

Doing some googling at it looks like this may work: GitHub - ScratMan/HASmartThermostat: Smart Thermostat with PID controller for HomeAssistant

There are helpers you can create to aggregate sensors and many filters available in code to get what you want.

A problem to consider is what happens if HA fails and the CO2 regulator is left turned on.

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