CO2 Signal Integration not available

I added CO2 signal integration today but it is not working. status is mentioned as not available.

Did you got this working? Mine stopped working this morning :frowning:

I was told they did away with the US zone recently and now use more specific ones. Sadly, mine (US-SE-SOCO) is not supported “as part of a free tier (co2 signal)”.

So you saying they are closing the free api? I’m in Europe … interesting

No, just that my specific power company stats aren’t currently free.

Does not work in Australia at all as of about 2 weeks ago, whether you use the country, (au), state (victoria), coordinates or home location.

Just errors when you remove and readd integration now.

Website has marked all stats for australia as non free.

Suggest removing this integration, its useless to the HA userbase.

Still free in the UK…

where? I looked at the co2signal website and couldn’t find this…