Code editor: "mirrowed" typing right to left -> tfel ot thgir

when I mark a word in code editor and want to overwrite it, for example “true” with “false”, it sometimes starts typing the characters from the right to the left → “eslaf”
I think I read about this a couple of month ago but can’t find it anymore and maybe it was not in here and is not even related to HA. But I never have this somewhere else.
I there something I can do to avoid this?
FF on a normal Windows PC

I encountered the same issue, also in Firefox on Windows 10. Didn’t try it in other browsers. Reloading the page solves the problem for me (at least temporarily).

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Yeah it’s an upstream fault with the code editor provider. Out of Home Assistant dev’s control. Nothing to do but wait until the provider fixes it.

I’ve found that cutting and pasting something in the editor usually fixes it too.

I found it too. And when it happens many errors appears in the log.

Thanks Tom.

Are they still using the same code editor?
Why? It’s annoying as hell.