Code learned through broadlink.learn isn't working

Need a bit of help.
Bought a smart blind with an RF remote. I can use the ihc or e-control apps to learn the raise/lower/stop commands and they work fine.
I can get home assistant to learn the codes using service broadlink.learn. Raise & lower work fine, but stop doesn’t. Each time I try to learn the stop command, the code is different. Pressing the button in the ihc app makes the blind stop moving, but sending the code using broadlink.send in HA does nothing. The light flashes on the broadlink pro but the blind doesn’t stop moving.
Any idea why it’s working in the ihc app, but not in HA? Or better yet, how to fix it. At the moment I’m stuck with the blind being either fully up or fully down unless I use the remote.

edit: Got it to work by using iBackup Viewer to get the hex codes from ihc and converted them into base64.