Coffee Power Monitoring

Question: What tools do I have for getting logical information from an instant power measurement?

Here is a graph of the power consumption of my coffee machine this morning:

The machine turned on at 7:15. I made a latte at 7:30. It’s been idle since then, since I haven’t made a cup for my S.O.

I have an espresso machine. My typical routine is to turn the machine on, then wait for it to warm up, then I make my coffee. I want to add some automations. Specifically I want to notify myself when the coffee machine has been on long enough. I have some other ideas, like making another annoying notice if I didn’t make the coffee and the machine is about to go to sleep. Maybe put the number of cups made today on a dashboard.

I’d like to trigger on things like the coffee machine turning on. And I would like to trigger on making a cup of coffee.

That’s the back story. The main question is: What tools for analyzing this power meter already exist?

For starters a template sensor to identify when the coffee maker is doing something. If the power level is above the green, it is doing something, if the power is below the red it is not.


You could use a threshold sensor helper to create a binary sensor to track the heating and brewing cycles. You’ll need to figure out the upper bound of the power consumption to determine when the heating has completed and also the upper bound for the brewing cycle as well.

In your automations, you could use the threshold sensor and also numeric state triggers (along with a timer) to determine the various states (trigger on a power spike when it comes on between certain hours and then trigger on another power spike when the heating starts).