Coin cell batteries - where do ou get yours?

I have a bunch of Sonoff PIR’s that use CR2450 batteries. I have an average battery life of about 4 months and when the batteries reach around 50% capacity based on the self reporting of the zigbee device, the PIR’s start dropping off the network (becoming unavailable). These the original batteries that came with the PIR’s but replacement batteries seem to not even last that long. I am looking for an affordable source of batteries that have a decent life and don’t cost a fortune. Buying retail in a local shop at $9 per battery is just not possible.
My question - have you found a source of batteries that consistently give you good battery life? Amazon is out because of their inter-mixing of stock so it’s down to Ebay or AliExpress or similar. Unfortunately clone batteries are so common these days, one can not trust anything out there. It doesn’t matter if the seller is selling a brand name product or even if it’s a high priced product - chances are that it’s a low quality clone. About the only thing I think is workable is to find a supplier that takes care of how they source their batteries and cross fingers and knock on wood to see what you get.
In that spirit, do you have a supplier that you think provides consistent good quality product?
I don’t mind buying from different sources to find a good supplier but I would really love to start out with suppliers that other people are happy with.

Before I decided to try ZIgbee devices, I was very concerned about battery life but was assured that batteries last between a year and two years - I would really like to see that kind of battery life instead of 3 or 4 months.

I get these from Amazon and I get a good year out of them.

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+1 for Amazon. I get ALL of my batteries there.

Hmm, looking at the customer comments, there are a bunch of ‘the greatest thing since sliced bread’ as well as ‘did not last a day’ reports. This is why I am so reluctant to use Amazon. Even if you get perfectly good batteries one day from one vendor, you are rolling the dice on the next order from the same vendor as Amazon doesn’t keep their vendors supplies segregated.
I will give ‘The Energizer Store’ a try. Thanks!

Action. They are cheap, and the store is not far.

Action ??? Could you give some more info please ?

I buy 50 packs off ebay

Specific URL or vendor so I can chec it out?

Thanks, I will check them out!