Coinbase Exchange Rate issues

I had issues with the exchange rates and needed to disable the automations here.

Somethime there are to low amounts reported (for BTC (1), ETH (0.09) and LTC (0,02)).

Someone noticed the same issue?

thank you ver much for this component,
Do you see any change to make the currency configurable?
Currently all values are in USD only. I would like to sse my account in EUR.
It would also be gerat to get the total value of all wallets.

I see the same issue where BTC is reported as 1, I would also like to see this in EUR


I personally use a rest sensor and the cryptocompare api. For BTC to EURO it would be like this:

- platform: rest
  name: crypto_btc_eur
  method: GET
  value_template: '{{ value_json["BTC"]["EUR"]}}'
  unit_of_measurement: EUR
  scan_interval: 3000

This is an issue with the not home-assistant. A bug has been filed here: