Collapsable Map View Card Zoom Issues

I’ve added the custom HACS front end card for collapsable-cards RossMcMillan92/lovelace-collapsable-cards to my dashboard in which I have the Map card open up within it.


The problem I’m finding is when the Map first opens up, it is not zoomed to the zones or entities in the map.

If one of the family members is moving, the map will update accordingly (auto_fit: true) and zoom accordingly to the proper extents, but if everyone is static/not moving, the maps does not zoom in.
Ideally I’d like it to be immediately zoomed in to the members being tracked or in the very least the default zoom level (default_zoom: 8) .

My code is below for reference.

type: custom:collapsable-cards
  type: markdown
  content: >
    ### <ha-icon icon="mdi:arrow-top-left-bottom-right"></ha-icon>  Family
    Locator Map View
  - type: map
    title: null
      - entity:
      - entity: device_tracker.person1
      - entity: device_tracker.person2
      - entity: device_tracker.person3
    hours_to_show: 24
    default_zoom: 8
    auto_fit: true
      - all
style: button {padding:0;} hui-markdown-card {width:100%}

Any suggestions on how this can be resolved, or if this belongs in the specific custom card repository discussions, I can move it there.


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having the same issue
I tried raising an issue on github, but i think that is disabled on the repository.

Still an issue. Will also add to the github.

any updates or suggested workarounds for this?