Collapsed notifications only show "Home" instead of title, channel or group name

Notification is sent to my Samsung phone with One UI 6.1 using the following yaml script:

service: notify.mobile_app_my_phone
  title: "Living room light is on"
    car_ui: true
    persistent: true
    sticky: true
    channel: Lights
    group: Lights on
    importance: high
    visibility: public
    notification_icon: mdi:home-lightbulb-outline
    tag: 'light.living_room_light_on'
      - action: 'light.living_room_light'
        title: Turn off
  message: ''

My phone received the notification with collapsed state but only “Home” is displayed.
Expanding it allows me to see the content but it is quite annoying to expand every time.

Don’t leave message blank

I found that it works when adding to message instead a normal space.

message is a required field it should not be left blank :slight_smile: