Collect network data with UPnP/IGD and two routers

Hi all,
for some reason, I need to have a network with two cascaded routers. I did not split the devices in two different pools.

  • All devices (PCs and IoT) are under the IP pool 192.168.X.1-255
  • Router1 is set as gateway of the LAN 192.168.X.* with WAN address like 192.168.Y.255
  • Router2 is set as gateway of the LAN 192.168.Y.* with WAN address managed by ISP

In other words, Router1 is the only device connected to the LAN of Router2 and everything else is connected to Router1 LAN.
All works fine except that I cannot collect UPnP network data (kib_s_sent, kib_s_received) from Router2 with my home assistant. Basically it should be the same to collect them from Router1 since all the traffic pass through this device, but for unknown reason they are not reliable (extremely lower then real usage).

Do you know if there is any way to tell home assistant (UPnP /IGD integration) to search UPnP devices in Router2 LAN when I add the integration? Any file to be twicked, routing rule to be added or port to be forwarded in Router1?

Thanks in advance

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