Color active icon


I actived the google dark theme, but I try to change icon color when is active in red more easy to see.
I add the paper-item-icon-active-color: in the yaml and reboot but strange it’s work but not for all.


Help thx

only some classes of entity will change colour by default.

try state_color documented in the attached link.

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I’m sure it’s the solution but not working for me what I do wrong :

Add in configuration.yaml

customize: !include customize.yaml

and the customize.yaml

state_color: true

I try without the theme it’s the same.


It has nothing to do with customize.yaml - the link is the instructions for configuring the entities card.

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Ok working.

I think is entities parameters not card entities.

It’s DOne

glad to help

as it says in the documentation, the option can be applied to the entire card OR to individual entity rows.