Color and temperature on same "tab"

I saw a youtube video recently and i saw whats in the picture:

The Color wheel and temperature slider are on the same “tab”/page!
For me, in both the app and in the PC browser, i have two tabs to click, one labeled “Color” and one labeled “Temperature”, with the wheel and slider visible under the correspondig “tab”.

The two tab buttons take up as much room as the temperature-slider itself and i have to switch between them.

Does anyone know how i get the wheen and slider into the same view instead of two different tabs?
I’ve tried googling for a while.

Thanks in advance,

You would have to downgrade to an older version. The light pop-up card has been changed (for the worse IMO).

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How can i flag to the developer that i want it to change back?

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I’ve made a post, go vote! :slight_smile:

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