Color of App Header in iOS

I’m working on customizing the look of my Lovelace dashboard.
I noticed that the header of the HomeAssistant App (not the Lovelace header) will have the same blue color no matter the theme applied in UI. And I get this, since it is something written in the code of the iOS app.
I was wondering: it is possible to make it configurable, even if only from within the iOS app?
I don’t know if iOS let change it dinamically. It would be lovely to be able to configure it so to match the color of the UI theme.

Not sure what you mean, got a screenshot?

The blue part at the top wrap around the top notch on an iPhone 11.

It can be set with the app-header-background-color: theme option. However you may have to pull down on the display to refresh and reload the new colour after reloading themes in home assistant.

Wow awesome, tested and it worked! Thanks a lot!

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