Color of switch without feedback

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a way to change the color of those little lightning bolts for a switch. I have a Broadlink RM Pro which I currently use to switch some one-way 433Mhz receivers (these guys: These receivers do not send feedback, you just send a signal and hope it receives. So the state of the receiver is always unknown. But when I press one of the lightning bolts to turn a light on or off, the lightning bolt changes color. This implicates the state of the receiver is known, which it’s not. I would like the lightning bolts to only react when touched, and then stay black. I’m thinking of something like the css properties for (hover, active, etc). Is there a way to accomplish this? The option to change color on state change is turned of in the Entities card settings.
Thanks everyone!

Hi Johnny_B, welcome to the forums!

It’s a custom card, isn’t it? In the main discussion for it you surely gonna find help. :blossom:

Hi, thanks for replying!
No this is an entities card. Generated by Add new card → By entity tab → Select the switch(es) (entities).
I roamed the forums quite thoroughly, but I couldn’t find anything on this particular subject.

In this case maybe you would like to have a look at Card-mod and Ildar Gabdullins awesome tutorial


Thanks for the tip, this works! I ended up using the css variables like this:

  style: |
    ha-card {
        --ha-icon-button-active-color: black;
        --mdc-ripple-hover-opacity: 0.05 !important;
        --mdc-ripple-focus-opacity: 0.00 !important;