Color Picker for LED strips

I’ve followed @ReneTode’s guide to add a custom widget for a color picker for an LED strip. But all I get is a broken front end where everything after the widget is blank.

Is this still supported?

yes, but the widget must be a valid widget.
and mine are outdated.

but the needed change is minor:

in the yaml file everything between brackets like: {{title}}
now needs to be within quotes like: “{{title}}”

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Sorry, still no joy. Is it just the one file that needs changing:


And is that in the right location?

yeah, and dont forget that you must make sure that ALL yaml files that you have there (even if you dont use them) need to be correct.
and that you need to have a base sub directory with the files html, css and js

and the files need to have the right user file rights.

cool. I’ve updated all files. I’ve got the html, css and js in place.

What do the user rights need to be on the files? They’re all root:root, 755 for the directories and 644 for the files.

they should be owned by the same user that you use to start appdaemon.