Color Temp attribute not available in HA for Ledvance Zigbee Flushmount fixture via Deconz

The “color temp” attribute within Home Assistant disappeared for two of my lights/entities. I had no problem until some recent upgrade (not sure which component upgrade is responsible for the issue).

I run Circadian lighting, and noticed that the color temp of both of my Sylvania/Ledvance/OSRAM Zigbee Flushmount fixtures [Part #: E21139] were not in sync with the rest of the lights in my house.

In the Deconz VNC, I can see the color temperature attributes for these fixtures. I can change the color temperature of these fixtures just fine using the Phoscon GUI. For every time I change the color temperature in Phoscon, I can check with Deconz and select “read” on the “0300 Color control” Cluster Info for these fixtures and I see the Color temperature attribute get updated.

The problem is, in Home Assistant, for these particular entities, I only can see the following attributes:

effect_list: colorloop
brightness: 254
is_deconz_group: false
friendly_name: DiningRoom
supported_features: 61

I noticed both of these fixtures were on an older firmware, so I upgraded one of them to the newest firmware (via OTA), and this made no difference. I am on the latest version of basically everything (Home Assistant, Supervisor, Deconz, Circadian, HACS, etc.)

Any help in getting this Color Temperature attribute passed back into HA would be greatly appreciated. It’d be nice for these two fixtures to be back in sync with all the other lights in the house.

I have similar problem

Same problem here. Working before, now does not. Ledvance bulbs.

Just checked mine and my OSRAM and LEDVANCE seem to be OK, just my HIVE ones that have lost the ct attribute

I always seem to have extra issues it seems.
Just restarted deconz just to be sure. CT slider wont show up for any of my bulbs (Ikea, Ledvance, Hue) except the Hue ones. Ikea was broken since I bought them but the Sylvania/Ledvance ones just broke after recent update.
Since they (dresden) dont seem to be very receptive to issues reported with the API, I suppose this is another thing I’ll just have to work around…

Did anybody ever figure out a fix for this? Its super frustrating. The colors are only this cool white.

Are y’all or anyone else still dealing with this? I have this same problem with all 6 of my LEDVANCE lights, and I haven’t seen a fix any where. These are my only tunable zigbee bulbs, so I can’t compare within my network.

There is an issue open on the REST github, but it isn’t getting much attention.

FYI, my buddy just moved from Deconz to ZHA to try to get around this issue, and voila! For the lights where Color Temperature control via Home Assistant stopped working (via Deconz), after switching to ZHA, he is now able to do so again!

Same here, I’ve gone over to ZHA and all bulbs work as they should

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It’s been a year now and Deconz + HA still see my Ledvance Zigbee lights as RGB and not White Spectrum. Anyone???

Create an issue on GitHub and I can help you out. Post a debug log showing the device, follow the instructions on deconz integration documentation on how to enable debug logging in hass.

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@Robban I enabled debug logging for deCONZ within hass, and I have some output regarding this Ledvance “Flushmount TW” fixture.

I think you want me to go here to create that issue – – and then choose “Report a bug with one of the add-ons”

If so, here is that link:

Thanks for sharing the logs, it very much looks like there is something wrong with the device integration in deCONZ and not in the Home Assistant integration.

In regards to this topic in general, if you run into a real integration issue and don’t get support in the forums you probably should report it on GitHub. As can be clearly seen these kind of forum threads easily slip below the radar.