Colorado Springs

Anyone near Colorado Springs? I feel like I’m all alone over here, but figured there was a chance someone else around here likes this stuff.

Just moved to Colorado Springs. Been running Home Assistant for 3 years and getting it all setup here in the new house.

Have you found any Colorado Springs specific integrations that are useful? Any thing that pulls in CSU utilities usage data?

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Welcome to the area. I’ve been here almost a year now and I love it. The view beats TX. I haven’t found anything yet sadly. There was one for CSU that someone was in the progress of working on, but I never found updates to it, so I believe it was abandoned.

We also moved from Texas! Grew up in San Antonio, lived in Round Rock the last 3 years until moving here. The view here (and the weather) are much nicer!!!

That’s crazy, I too lived in SA. Most of my TX time was Fort Worth area though