Colored light flash as a notification with previous state


Using Hue bulbs I’d like to communicate multiple notifications visually using colors and a flash indication. Currently, I know I can call

{ "entity_id": ["light.window"], "flash": "short" }

which will give me the flash and return my window to its previous state. If I flash the light red using

{ "entity_id": ["light.window"], "flash": "short", "color_name": "red"}

My light flashes red and stays red.

How can I return to the original state when I flash a color? Not sure if this is a feature request or just a general configuration question, maybe a script?

Use case is:

  • Short flash blue to indicate snow/rain
  • Short flash green to indicate I have left the office and am on my way home (I have young kids, they love this)
  • Wife understandably doesn’t want me changing all the lights to funky colors throughout the day.

Did you ever figure out a solution for this?

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I didn’t - had some thoughts about grabbing the state of the light via the API and changing back but never got around to building it out.

Any news on that? Looking for a solution…

I wish it worked properly. To get around this I call a scene at end of the flash notification script. The scene called depends on the time of day. Too cumbersome and so I just use this in my office.

I use flash notify in my office to let me know when it’s time for dinner (wife tells Alexa to turn on Dinner time and my office ceiling light flashes red while making announcement over office Sonos).

I also use it to let me know when motion is detected in front or back yard. (purple)

Finally I use it when doorbell is pressed (green)