Colorpicker not working for my fibaro rgbw controller

I am working on a fresh installation of HA and i’m having problem getting the color picker to work for my FIBARO RGBW Controllers.

Each controller shows up as 5 separate channels. Each channel shows both a slider and the colorwheel, but the colorwheel does not do anything on any of the channels.

Channel 1 is the “main” channel, turning it off turns off 2-5 aswell. Turning it on returns 2-5 to the previous states. 2,3,4,5 are controlling R,G,B and W

In my old homeassistant installation (~version .55 or so) I didn’t have this issue.

How can I get this working again?

System info:
HA 0.67.1, manual installation based on Rasbian Lite
node_name: FIBARO System FGRGBWM441 RGBW Controller

The entities associated with the node are:

 light.fibaro_system_fgrgbwm441_rgbw_controller_level            (main)
 light.fibaro_system_fgrgbwm441_rgbw_controller_level_2          (red)
 light.fibaro_system_fgrgbwm441_rgbw_controller_level_3          (green)             
 light.fibaro_system_fgrgbwm441_rgbw_controller_level_4          (blue)
 light.fibaro_system_fgrgbwm441_rgbw_controller_level_5          (white)
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I have the same problem. But I have never seen it working, since I just installed the fibaro rgwb modules.
Controlling the channels separately works, but the color picker wheel has no effect on any channel.

I am also running a manual installation on rasbian in virtualenv. Home Assistiant version is 0.68.

Grateful for any advice.

I have made some progress.

Turned out there are more entities for this node. The one needed to control the rbg part was simply called light.level. For some reason it doesn’t use the white channel from the colorwheel though, but I am getting closer to what I want.

The perfect case for me would be colorwheel with a separate slider for the white channel.

In my case the controller has node id 9.

I am using light.level for rgb, and light.fibaro_system_fgrgbwm441_rgbw_controller_level_5 for the white channel.

Thank you very much chrio - I found the entity and the color picker wheel is really working for the first time.

Great! Let me know if you find a way to include the white channel in the control.

Right now I am using a group per controller and it’s an ok solution, but a white channel in the color picker would save screen space. :slight_smile:

  view: no
  name: Bedroom
    - light.level
    - light.fibaro_system_fgrgbwm441_rgbw_controller_level_5

Hi to all,
Can’t get working fibaro RGBW controller with HA.
Can anybody give working config?
Now a can separately on/off each color.
No color picker in HA.

The last working version in my setup was 64.3 for Fibaro RGBW color wheel. I think I recall a change in later versions uses xy_color or something with light groups that only uses RGB channels on for white (all on) instead of the separate W channel like before.

I’ve not been able to get the color wheel to use white channel without turning off all RGB channels and using only white channel switch.

My next couple of ideas is to try removing the Fibaro z-wave device from hassio entirely, then add it back or maybe some combination of using the new light groups or add light.level and W channel to their own switches.

Looks like a problem with your entity_registry.yaml file.

My setup (3 Fibaro RGBW controllers) gives me these entities:

light.fibaro_system_fgrgbwm441_rgbw_controller_level (main)
light.fibaro_system_fgrgbwm441_rgbw_controller_level_2 (unused)
light.fibaro_system_fgrgbwm441_rgbw_controller_level_3 (red)
light.fibaro_system_fgrgbwm441_rgbw_controller_level_4 (green)
light.fibaro_system_fgrgbwm441_rgbw_controller_level_5 (blue)
light.fibaro_system_fgrgbwm441_rgbw_controller_level_6 (white)

A small update in this thing from my side: I finally got rid of the Fibaro controllers and bought these ZigBee controllers. These work perfectly and much faster in my setup right from the start. (A Hue bridge and several lamps were already present).

It may be that this was fixed in 0.74 release. I’m updating hassio now.

How is everyone doing with this controller? I want a controller that can be controlled by a switch physically connected to it and I prefer zwave over zigbee, so this looks perfect, but I need to know that the above issues have been solved… Is anyone happily running the Fibaro RGBW with hass?

Otherwise, does anyone know another RGBW (or even better RGB+CCT) zwave controller which can take input from a physical switch?

Would be great also to be able to control the white color temperature.

Hi, did anyone find a solution now?
I still cant seem to get a Color Picker for my Fibaro RGBW (1) in HA.


I also is trying to get Fibaro RGBW controller to work with HA. Any suggestions on configuration?