Colour temperature can not be changed from ZigBee light bulb?


I have this Zigbee light bulb: Linkind Smart E14 LED

I “paired” it with a ConBee II stick and deCONZ to see it in Home Assistant.

This is what I see from it in Home Assistant:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-18 um 21.46.02

This is the entity:

This is what is displayed in deCONZ:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-18 um 21.56.57

I can switch the bulb on and off, I can change the brightness, that is working.
But the colour temperature has a slider, I can set a value there but the bulb will not change anything and the slider immediately jumps back to minimum.
If I look at the slider, it is also wrong, as the bulb is switched to a warm colour temperature and not a cold one as the slider is showing.

Can someone help me here in finding out what is going wrong?

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I’m having the exact same problem with all my Zigbee bulbs – Sengled, Innr, and Ecosmart brand – with deCONZ. Brightness slider and color wheel work fine, but temperature slider sets it to warmest possible setting no matter what.

I’ve worked around this by setting an input_number.kelvin helper slider from 2000-6500 K on an entity card, and an automation that uses that as a trigger to set Kelvin on the lights. This works, it’s just not ideal.

Edit: I discovered that the color temperature slider works properly on a deCONZ group entity. So if I add the bulbs to a deCONZ group in the Phoscon web app, then I can control the color temp of that group. Hope this helps.

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Hey, that is great to hear!
Thank you!

Check this thread guys. It worked for me to manually read color cluster. Now the HA shows correct min/max mired values and color temperature slider works again. I say again, as I’m pretty sure it worked with previous versions some time ago (I unable to track this issue to specific version).