Comand to poll Insteon devices status?

Switched from Indigo to HA on Rasberry Pi. Large Insteon network (NO HUB). Indigo could poll devices in network, commanding them to return or resend current status. How can I achieve that on HA with Insteon integration. I see developer tools to SET status but I want to GET status.

Reason: some I/O linc sensors do not always show up properly (eg., garage door closed, sensor closed, but HA still thinks open). This is on established device network properly configured and running for years.

An action to poll and update HA from the devices would help clear up missed messages.

Have you had any luck with this? I am trying to figure out the same thing.

I too am interested. HA detects when light switches are used or sensors fire, but does not detect actions when the Hub runs a scene. A poll from time to time would resolve that, even though the status might not always be up to date, it would become so after a poll.

This is my exact question. I have 3 iolinc’s on 3 garage doors and sometime the status of the iolinc in HA does not match reality. If I re-boot HA the status in HA in not correct. I also just switch from Indigo to HA and have the same issue, i.e. I’d like to make sure the status is correct when I’m ‘shutting down’ for the night and the automation is making sure the garage doors are closed. I can live (not happily) with some times being off but at that time I’d like to specifically request statuses so I can make sure the doors are really closed and, if not, close them.

Having done an OS project (cTiVo) I know how much work the contributors put in , and I appreciate it.