Combine cool white and warm white led strip into one light

Sorry, just seeing this message. This was a bit of a process, you’ll need to research setting up the local Tuya integration in HACS. I originally started with the Carro app, then had to unpair from that app and switch over to the Tuya app, giving me access via the Tuya developer portal. From there, I created a Tuya developer account and was able to get at the parameters of the fans. I then went back into HA and added the Tuya local integration and added my fans using the creds I found in the developer account. Hopefully that helps somewhat.


I am new here and I want to do the same.
I have two entities CW/WW.

  • number.fl_licht_led_cw
  • number.fl_licht_led_ww

Can you help me with the code? How I have to prepare him?