Combine entities in one Tile Card


I am using different thermostats (some from Homematic IP some from SONOFF).

For HomematicIP I can create one Tile Card which displays differnt stats like “current action”, “current temp” and so on.

See upper part of the image

For the SONOFF thermostats this doesn´t seem to be possible.

See lower part of the image

For each entity on the stat content “state” and “last changed” are exposed.

Is there a way to achive the some result like with Homematic IP?

Thanks a lot

It depends on what the thermostat integration exposes.

How can i find out what it exposes?

You already know.


That’s why there are no features for it.

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Humidity and temperature are different entities.


I am looking for a way to display them in one Tile Card?

Is this possible?

Any ideas?

Add an template helper with those entities and use that

Hi @MISEV, could you please provide a minimalistic sample for combining multiple entities in one entity with multiple states or attributes?

That would be great :slight_smile:

Hi @rokka sure, you can do something like this. Also look add the templating docs for more options Templating - Home Assistant

{{ states('weather.knmi_home') }} - {{ state_attr('weather.knmi_home', 'temperature') }} °C