Combine Fire Tv / Android TV, Notifications for Fire TV / Android TV and Google cast into a single device when applicable

Hey Guys,

It would make a lot of sense if Devices and Services that get created through the 3 integrations could be combined into a single device and Service. That would make writing Automations so much easier.

  • Android TV / Fire TV
  • Notifications for Android TV / Fire TV
  • Google Chromecast


Just group all those services in a new notification group and use that group in your automations.

It’s more about the device. Not just notifications.

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Can you explain for what automations combined devices are improving things?

Groups help when you write a lot of references to the same set of devices. For example I one group consisting of my phone and my spouse’s phone. I have a dozen automations that send notifications to that group. When we changed phones, the device names of the phones were changed too, but I only had to edit one group entry.

But for that you use notification services - not devices. I still don’t get the basic idea of this FR.

The idea is simple, My Mi TV is listed in Home Assistant as 3 different devices - Android TV, Chromecast device and Notification service assumes its a different device. If they all get combined lot of issues get solved.
For e.g.
Andoid Tv provides me a power on/off option but if I use the poser on/off in chromecast, that just toggles the app. All apps i run on TV run within chromecast, So TV is shown as idle when anything is running on it.
Combining would create a unified interface.