Combine Remote Instances

It would be great to see something like Remote Home Assistant included in core. I have satellite installs for various reasons and it’s a little complicated today to integrate them.

May I ask for some reasons for having multiple satellite Home Assistant instances (expect for remote locations outside of the home network)?

And vote for your own request :slight_smile:

Sure, I’ll give you three.

1- My primary HA is a Hyper-V VM without access to USB so my zwave stick is in another instance on an RPI.

2- I use a custom integration that loses connection frequently to the 3rd party device that is only solved with rebooting HA so that integration is in its own instance which automatically reboots when the devices become unavailable.

3- if you use functionality that requires physical proximity to a device, HDMI-CEC, certain wireless protocols etc its easier just to throw another RPI close by.

My Home Assistance production instance also runs in a VM. I could add the USB stick directly (and had it like this in the past),but I moved the “server” to a location where I don’t have any ZigBee/Z-Wave devices close to it, so I also use a Pi. But I don’t run a full HA instance for this, you could use e.g. for ZigBee either zigbee2mqtt or deconz and then you have the devices in your main HA instance without running a second instance. For Z-Wave this can be done via zwavejs2mqtt I think.

This is a badly designed custom integration in my opinion, there should be no need to reboot HA to reconnect to a device, instead the custom integration should have the ability to reconnect automatically.

I have loads of Pis around the house, but I’m always looking for a way that this Pi can send the data to my HA instance over the network (preferably MQTT).

Don’t get me wrong, I still think that’s a valid Feature request. I just want to advice you to reduce the number of HA instances as much as possible, as it is also linked to maintenance for multiple instances.

For Z-Wave this can be done via zwavejs2mqtt I think.

Yes this is what I use currently.

This is a badly designed custom integration in my opinion

Agreed but the original developer has gone off the grid and the integration is otherwise flawless. It’s a workaround.

preferably MQTT

This is my current solution.

I hear you on all of the above but I have found Remote Home-Asssistant from HACS is the best solution but it’s limited by not being part of Core.

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