Combine two entities in Homekit

Hi there,

I created a cover which controls the garage door and has the device_class garage . In addition I have the garage lights combined in a light group. I export both entities from HA to Homekit which get shown as individual devices within Homekit. So far so good.

How can I combine or group this two devices under one tile within Homekit? I don’t want them seperated.

I know that it is possible as I have another Garagedoor opener which did not come through HA and I previously used where the light and the door open switch is combined under one tile. When I click on this Garage door tile that holds the current status it opens the attached view that than contains the open switch as well as the light switch.

Does anyone have an idea how to do it?


Hi there,

I know the post is almost a year old, but I am wondering if someone has an idea about this?

I am new to HA and have that situation with two devices, one being a HomeKit power socket and the other a VOCOlinc Ripple Smart with light and fan function which I would like to have in one HomeKit card in iOS.

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Just to let u know it seems to be possible since when I expose a chromecast it does exactly that. See HA Froum
But I don’t have any idea how it is done