Combine whatever entities like sensor, number, sellect,.. in to a climate entity

I am looking for a way to combine entities that come from a esphome device like a sensor, a number (to set target temperature), a sellect (to set mode) in to a climate to be used in HA like any other climate. kind of like climate in modbus that is setup in config.yaml and combines addresses into a climate entity so that by using the thermostat card everything gets updated. To be clear it is not another thermostat that drives a switch or service to make the heater go on or off that i want. just a climate that can pass on and update the values target temperature, mode towards other entities. All of that in a simple way so that a simple farmer like me can use and understand.

So you want a thermostat that isn’t a thermostat?


That seems to be the main problem that everyone assumes that a thermostat in HA switching a output entity is the solution. there are thermostat devices out there that use modbus to comunicate but that control the temperature safely on their own. Ok there is the modbus climate in HA, perfect exept if the modbus device is not connected via modbus to HA but connected to an esp32 board running esphome that has the measured temperature as a sensor id, the target temperature as a number id and the mode as a sellect id how will you make a thermostat card where these id’s are updated bidirectional, because it is possible to change the set temperature on the modbus thermostat device.
a thermostat / climate that uses a sensor entity and switches a switch entity is nice untill at the exact moment the thermostat needs to switch off the heater and there is a interuption in the network comunication you end up with a swimming pool at 35°C in the morning.

Ok I think I understand. Why can’t you connect via modbus?

Also please open ESPhome feature requests here:

Edit: Also you could probably use this:

And just supply delays for the actions.

I’m not sure it is really relevant but take a look here:

Surely Generic thermostat - Home Assistant

The heater/Cooler switch is a required option and they do not want to control anything. Sure you could use an input boolean but they sounded like they wanted to use ESPHome and the generic thermostat in that (bang bang) is easier to bluff into thinking it is controlling something.

Absolute overkill. All they want to do is to be able to set a set-point and display current temperature on a thermostat control.

Yeah I read it again. So they just want to see a picture of a thermostat?

Yeah. And be able to set the set point and have the current temperature update. But all the control is handled by the device.

English is not my language so I may have misinterpreted the OP but it states:

That bidirectional means to me that he wants to control the thing from HA and in the meantime he wants to see the states in HA if something is changed on the device/pool/spa/whatever.

I agree with him on the necessity of having a fully functional regulation independent from HA for everything that’s not really trivial/superfluous. My HA is solid enough but my home must “survive” a botched upgrade as an example.

If it is just adding a climate interface on to what could be seen as an existing working climate system made out of loose components, I think this would fit the bill:

It is what is strangely missing from HA because we have template cover, fan, etc, but not a template climate entity. Generic thermostat is not a template entity in the same sense, because it actually takes control of a switch and does not allow you to template the set point.

Please read what they said:

So as I said above all they need to do is use the bang bang climate component with delays instead of actions (which are required options).

That way they get a thermostat that they can change the set point of and it will display the current temperature. It just won’t do anything. The actual modbus device takes care of that.

Everyone else is just complaining matters with unnecessary third party integrations.