Combined the state of 2 energy metering breakers / energy monitoring

In my home all my lights are split into 2 circuits, so I replaced them with the TO-Q-SY2-163JZT

I want to combine the total energy used from both together, so I can add it into my dashboard and I can track how much energy I used for my entire apartment for lights each day/week/month etc…

Here are the 2 devices:

I went to Helpers, template sensor and added this:

{{ (states('sensor.hallway_light_breaker_1_energy') | float) + (states('sensor.hallway_light_breaker_2_energy') | float) }}

Then I added this new entity into my energy dashboard.

Will this work? Is that the correct way? Please let me know and correct me if I am wrong. Thank you so much!!!

So far nothing, or does it take some time to update? How long is data updated there? Thanks

There may be some delay but I am not sure how long you are talking about. I don’t see any reason why it would not work for you. I use one of these (which will work well with up to three phases and can show them separately or combined) - the Shelly Pro 3EM - has worked perfectly with zero issues since I installed it, integrated with HA and it’s ernergy dashboard. Works without any hub. It does offer WiFi but it also has an ethernet port anyway so I turned off the WiFi on the unit and have it plugged right into my IOT VLAN. As I am in the US in a home that does not have din rails in the electirical panel, I added a funny little 4 inch din rail anyway for this and am thrilled with the performance of the unit. The electricity usage as shown in the Energy dashboard may take a few hours. In the sacreenshot below, the top graph is from my shelly for the electrical power.

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