Combustion integration

I’ve been working on a custom integration for Combustion predictive thermometers. It automatically discovers all probes that are reachable via Bluetooth, either via direct connection or via a Meatnet repeater. It currently creates a device for each discovered probe, with each device having the following sensors:

  • Core Temperature
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Surface Temperature
  • Battery Status

There are also 8 additional temperature sensors that can be optionally enabled, one for each of the thermistors in the probe.

Give it a try and let me know what you think: GitHub - legrego/homeassistant-combustion: Integrate Combustion thermometers with Home Assistant

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This looks pretty neat!
Any chance you could get this into HACS?

Yes, I have a PR open awaiting review: Adds new integration [legrego/homeassistant-combustion] by legrego · Pull Request #2226 · hacs/default · GitHub

Thanks @legrero for making this. It works well, I’ll have to setup a dashboard for now it :slight_smile:

HACS does work, just need to add the repo. The only thing i noticed missing was some of the predictive timers, but I didnt look super hard so far.