Comercial implementation of HASS - Open Source.... and now?


I’m a HASS addicted and at the moment I have it in my house fully pimped and in my parents house it on the same path!

One friend of mine asked me to “implement” HASS on his Public CoWorking space that is about to open. The purpose is to have all the advantages of a smart office. In parallel I developed a WebApp to allow the integration of some extra fields.

He is loving the pilot that I showed and he is very thankful for all the work that I had. Due to that he is asking me to sell him the product… According to him, the tool is very interesting and for sure there are more CoWorking space interested in having it.

Of course, the HASS it self cannot be sold because I do not own it… It belong to US (OpenSource/Community).

My question is: “Can I charge a third party for the workload in parameterisation of a solution mainly based on a software that is under OpenSource License?

This is what you need to be looking at, the license for the open source software being used.

Note that that licenses only applies to the home assistant back end. The frontend, hassOS, hassio, etc. all have similar but different licenses.

Yes of course you can charge for your services.