Command_activity, but launch app in baxkground

Hey @dshokouhi is it possible to use the command_activity, but instead, the app must be launched in background (not visible)

Is there an option for that?


depends on the app and if it supports receiving a broadcast intent, then you can use command_broadcast_intent

But no you cant launch an app in the background if it doesn’t support it via the above command.

Aha, yeah, I think it’s support it, because it’s a softphone sip client, how do you know the correct intent?

ask the app developers or look at their help pages or dig into the app manifest…best if its documented by the app developers

Perfect, will have a look!

Hey, can you have a quick look for me?

there is indeed broadcast receiver, as well as other push receivers
already tried this one:
but still opens app first…

  - service: {{ trigger.json.user }}
      message: "command_broadcast_intent"
      title: "org.linhome.notifications.NotificationBroadcastReceiver"
        channel: "org.linhome"

it must be another one, because if i send a push from their sip servers, it registers the SIP account in background, without opening app

yea it all depends on how the app handles the intent, tough to say what it would be without trying them…if you have access to logcat try to trigger it like you want to and then look at logcat to see what the intent looks like…may get lucky that way.

ok, will have a look at the logcat, thnx

hmm , for some reason i dont see the intent in the logcat ‘verbose’ level

2022-06-13 20:30:31.406 19314-19314/? I/Linhome: [Push Notification] From [1041242817246], Message Id [0:1655145031048013%b46981e6f9fd7ecd], TTL [50], Original Priority [1], Received Priority [1], Sent Time [1655145031043], Data [{from-uri=sip:[email protected], send-time=2022-06-13 18:30:30, uuid=<urn:uuid:dc8ec1c3-a68f-00bf-be2c-bf26a3815d9e>, loc-key=, sip-from=sip:[email protected], call-id=b9699a65-e838-48ed-b4a3-28d5c110839d, display-name=, loc-args=sip:[email protected]}]
2022-06-13 20:30:31.406 19314-19314/? I/Linhome: [Push Notification] Notifying Core we have received a push for Call-ID: b9699a65-e838-48ed-b4a3-28d5c110839d
2022-06-13 20:30:31.406 19314-19314/? I/Linhome: Push notification received for Call-ID [b9699a65-e838-48ed-b4a3-28d5c110839d]

need to have a look how they do it :frowning:

search by intent see if anything shows up?

nope, only some battery intents, and screen wakeup
strange :frowning: