Command Cover not to open if already open (100)

I have recently installed Shelly 2.5 in all my window shutters and included them in home assistant via the official Shelly Integration. They come up correctly and I can controll and monitor their status (i.e. open, close the cover and set/monitor the position).
I have noticed that when commanding cover.open_cover, or cover.close_cover the command is triggered regardless of the current state.
This leads to relays to click. It does no harm to the shutter motor, as it has a known stop position, but the click is annoying if not necessary.
Would it be possible to check for cover position prior to commanding the cover?
I would imagine something like

If cover.position != 100

If cover.position != 0

Of course this should only be active, if a cover position is available.
Could this be directly integrated into the Shelly Integration, or the cover device class?