Command_line sensor not showing up after update to 2022.4

I have several command line sensors working for years now but since update to 2022.4 some of them do not show up anymore. Also no error message I can see, config says all is ok. Strange is some command_line sensors still show up and work correct only this config sensors do not show up anymore

- platform: command_line
  name: "Wohnzimmer Absolute Luftfeuchtigkeit 2"
  command: 'curl "https://myurl/luftfeuchte.php?temp={{ states("sensor.humidity_wohnzimmer") }}&pressure={{ states("sensor.humidity_wohnzimmer_2")  }}"'
  unit_of_measurement: "g/m³"

Does anyone know why this sensor does not show up anymore? I also tried to remove it, restart and add it again. Also checked the entities tab if it got hidden, but I can not find the sensor anywhere.

Look at the errors in your log.

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oh great HA tries to make it easier for the most users and moves everything from yaml to the ui but something that works for years breaks with an update and I have again to work myself to the yaml config for the logs.