Command Line Switch not working after update to 0.118.4

I recently updated to 0.118.4 (running in a jail on Freenas). I have a few command line curl commands that no longer work. I get the following error.
Command failed: curl -d ‘{“intensity”:1}’

Config looks like this

  platform: command_line
      command_on: curl -d '{"intensity":1}'
      command_off: curl -d '{"intensity":0}'

I can run the commands fine from the command line inside of the jail. Nothing else has changed.
Any ideas??

No, but you need to update to 2021.1.5 at a minimum.

I had been putting off additional updates as there were some breaking changes in the homeassistant plugin for freenas. I just finished a new installation of 2021.3.3 and everything is working as expected. Thanks

So updating fixed your commands too?

Yes, that is correct.

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