Command OK in Raspbian, but not in the HA terminal

I want to creat a button to change the color of my RGB light :
When I send with putty :

sudo sendip -p ipv4 -p udp -us 30978 -ud 30977 -d 0xfbec0701000000f2668500d00 -v

Everything is OK, and the light changes color. But when I do the same in the Terminal of HA, I got a :

bash: sudo: Command not found

(With or without sudo)

My aim is to creat a button, which calls a service wich executes this command.
Any Idea ?

If using Docker remember any command will be ran inside the container and not the host. If not running Docker try using absolute paths.

Thanks for your interest. I followed this tutorial :

So my HA runs in a Docker ?
If yes, do I have to install “sendip” in the Docker too ?
I tried to install it through the terminal, but didn’t get it to install…

Did you ever get it figured out? I’m trying to run a command from the command line switch and i’m getting my ass kicked pretty badly.

In fact, I changed the firmware of my Led Controller : after putting Tasmota on it, I could manage to do everything I needed.