Commenting device from configuration.yaml prevents web gui loading

I have a Hassbian setup and have added all my devices either via discovery or mostly by adding them manually to the configuration.yaml or sub yaml.

Now, I’ve noticed that my ecovacs device isn’t integrating properly due to issues with the sucks library, and I have my suspisions that this is causing some other integrations to fail. So, I want to remove the ecovacs from my setup.

At present the ecovacs integration is in my configuration.yaml and looks like:

#ECOVACS Ozmo 610
username: !secret ozmo_user
password: !secret ozmo_pass
country: de
continent: eu

If, I then comment out these lines and reboot the system the web interface will not load up. I still have SSH & smb access but no web gui.

If I uncomment the ecovacs lines and reboot, the web GUI loads up without and apparent issues.

So, am I doing something wrong here? Any suggestions?


When the page doesn’t load, read the log file and figure out where it is dying in the config.

Where can I access the logs?


the log file in the config directory?

:wink: Oh! That log file? :rofl::rofl:

Ahh! I have some binary sensors for the ecovacs device. I just assumed they would be ignored if not in use, and never though to check them. I’ve commented those out and it boots just fine.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. A classic mistake on my part.

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