Commodore 64 as a Statusdisplay

There is a C64 in my living room, because I like the look of this old machine with its flickering crt-monitor and maybe I am old-fashioned and a bit crazy. Anyways.
I want to find a way to use this thing as a display for some sensors from my home assistant, or maybe to use the keyboard-input from the C64 to turn on lights or window-blinds.
Somebody here tried something like this with the C64?
Could the serial sensor integration in home assistant be a way to send data to the Commodore? Or via Contiki on the C64 via MQTT? Somebody here tried to do this?

You could get a serial to USB cable and then stretch your fingers and blow the dust off your BASIC programming language manual

Or take a different route … gut the C64 like shown here … Raspberry Pi with actual Commodore 64 Keyboard - BMC64 Pi, NO Keyrah required! - Retro Game Coders … and you have a C64 look with a PI inside