Communicate 230V PIR Motion Sensor status with a zigbee module

Hello everyone,

After many searches, I didn’t find the suitable solution in my opinion.
As I’m a beginner in demotic, I’m looking for advices about the best solution.

I want to integrate a PIR Motion Sensor to the HA system, I want to use Zigbee as much as possible and use batteries as less as possible.
(So if possible, I don’t want to use Xiaomi Aqara, or Philips Hue Motion Sensor)

A “230V powered PIR Motion Sensor that communicate its state using zigbee” would be the ideal product, I didn’t find such product on internet.

The solution I found requires 2 items :

Based on the electrical schema of the “Zigbee Switch module”,
My idea is to replace the switch by the Motion Sensor and remove the light.

Question 1 : Does a simplier solution exist ?

Question 2 : Does the zigbee switch module communicates the switch state ? Is it possible to hook the status changes of that module in HA ?

Any help will be really appreciated

Anyone try this, maybe with a higher Voltage ? (Universal Zigbee Logic Sensor, using a Xiaomi Door/Window Sensor)

Is the Shelly 1 module suitable as it’s say on the website that can manage a door bell ?

Hi kal-if,

I had the same need.
I found the HomeSeer HSM-200 (Z-Wave Sensors For Smart Home Hubs & Controllers | HomeSeer)
Unfortunately, it is Z-wave :slight_smile:

I chose Zigbee to equip a new-built home (a bit controversial, but it is cheaper than wired domotics and actually much more flexible!).
My solution for motion sensors is the classic 230V motion sensors, combined with a relay module the way you describe. I used Luxomat PIR sensor and Ubisys S2 relay module.

If you want to move to a more integrated device and you are comfortable with high voltage tinkering (soldering) you may consider

  • purchasing an enclosure with the power plug for your region (link: Plug-Cases | Plug Enclosures | OKW )
  • buy a switch module (from livolo, xiaomi or other) to harvest the converter part (230V → 3.3V)
  • buy a PIR board
  • assemble it!