Community Addons Repository not shown/accessible - but already in Store

I did a full Backup, then directly a full Restore (Do a Fire Practice when Plan B is ready :slight_smile: ).
Now, a Couple of Days later i recognized that the Community Addons Repository is gone.

Well, 50% gone - when i try to add it manually, it says “Can’t add GitHub - hassio-addons/repository: Home Assistant Community Add-ons, already in the store”. But it neither finds any of the addons, and thus the already installed Community Addons just have a puzzle-tile-Icon (Fully functional, though).

Supervisor Logs says (i think those are the interesting Parts):

23-02-12 08:01:11 ERROR (MainThread) [] Can't clone repository: Cmd('git') failed due to: exit code(128)
  cmdline: git clone -v --recursive --depth=1 --shallow-submodules -- /data/addons/git/a0d7b954
  stderr: 'Cloning into '/data/addons/git/a0d7b954'...
fatal: unable to access '': Could not resolve host:
23-02-12 08:01:11 ERROR (MainThread) [] Can't retrieve data from due to 

Aside trying to add the Repository manually, i restarted HA, rebooted HA, powercycled the Raspberry itself - without Success.

How can i fix the Issue, that the Community Addons Repository is already added, but isn’t accessible?

3 things might be possible.
Network configuration not checked, migtht be your HA device doesn’t know about the DNS server which allows to get the IP for github.

Or you simply restored the backup which (at least if restoring onto a differnt machine) failed here with similar problems. Had to uninstall HACS, then wipe the ‘hacs’ folder within /config/custom_components/ and then reinstall HACS.

if that still fails remember to need to link HACS with your githug account.

well … from brain … some months passed by when I did run into something similar when I switched from a pi onto a NUC.

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Thanks for your helping Hand, appreciate it!

Just to clarify, the Problem is with the Community Addons Repository (where you find, for example, InfluxDB).
I’m not talking about HACS - which is running fine, as well as the Addon-Store and ESPhome.

  • As i can access, at least i can tell that the Router itself isnt’t blocking anything
  • The Backup itself shouldn’t be faulty, becaus I can remember that a Day before i could install another Addon from the Community Addons Repository

Well "could not resolve host " means you HA doesn’t know it. Normally a network issue.
This doesn’t actually mean that “you” aren’t able to access from another machine using a webbrowser or such like. But that HA isn’t able to put an IP to that domain name.
Do you have IPv4 and IPv6 ?
If so try the following:
and in case both are active try to disable IPv6 and see if it then works. If it does then something with the IPv6 DNS seems to be wrong. Or vice versa…
Looks to me as if there’s a DNS problem somehow.

EDIT: and about the topic “not shown/accessible” … I do remember that not all platforms would allow for installing each repository, but these are still shown greyed out if I remember right.

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It looks like you have been absolutely right.
Though i still don’t get what the Problem was ( has been accessible all the time, while isn’t), it is now resolved.
Too bad, i played around with more Options, so i can’t clearly say what solved it. But everything was DNS-related.

I set my Router to resolve DNS with, dis- and re-enabled IPv6 (both on the Router and HA), did some reboots. Sad, that i can’t clearly tell what helped.
Now i set everything back as it was before, and by now, it still works.

Thank you so much for your Assistance! :+1:


Well, maybe it was the Hug Supervisor was missing :wink: