Community Add-on: Terminal

This add-on is flawless. Thanks for such an amazing addon.

I do have a feature request though, can you add scrolling support so we can see messages that go off the screen? Or am I missing something simple that already allows us to scroll up?


The add-on is running in a tmux session (nice search term :wink: )

Hit Ctrl+a and next hit your page-up key.
You can scroll now (even use your arrow keys).
Hit q to exit the “scrolling” mode.

There are much more features. But Ctrl-a is kinda the letting-him-know-there-is-a-tmux-command-next-key.

Another example: Ctrl-a -> c. Creates a secondary terminal window (appears in the bottom bar). 1 and 2. Hit Ctrl-a + 1 to switch to the first, Ctrl-a + 2 to switch to the second.

Now I’m just hitting the surface…

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Oh My…

I love tmux, and now this terminal has just become my best friend. Thanks so much for the info and fast reply!

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I am new to Raspberry, new to Home Automation and
However, I am very familiar with Terminal and CLI.

I installed Terminal, but can’t run it, it complains of a missing (cert)file.
This is what I get in my log:

 INFO: Supervisor version requirements checks passed.
 [cont-init.d] exited 0.
 [cont-init.d] executing... 
 FATAL: The configured certfile is not found  

Since I just installed the Add-on on a fresh install, I don’t understand the issue.
Thanks for any pointer.

What are the options you have configured in Terminal? Is SSL set true? Do you have SSL installed?

Hello David, and thanks for your fast reply.
I assume my problem is with these two items:

"certfile": "fullchain.pem",
 "keyfile": "privkey.pem",

I’ve noticed that none of the add-ons that have these two lines are working.
When I read about the add ons there are no mention of them.

Again, thanks for your fast reply.

Missed the last part of your question.
Yess, SSL is installed and this is how I am able to work on the configurations files.
Again, none of the add-ons that use the certificate file above are working.
Did I miss something?

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Are you sure SSL is installed and working? What address do you use to go into Home Assistant? Is it a LetsEncrypt certificate or self signed?

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Sorry, SSL is not installed, I was thinking of ssh, which is installed.
Thanks for bringing this up, I kept reading ssh instead of SSL
And, I did not install LetsEncrypt.
I guess you just solved all my issues.

A huge "thank you!"


:tada: Release v2.4.0

This release is exciting, at least, for me it is. I’ve been working on this for months! And for you? Well, almost nothing changed :stuck_out_tongue:

So what did change? I’ve updated the workflows of the Community Add-ons project. Things include:

  • Replaced CircleCI and CodeClimate. We are now using GitLab CI, backed by a couple of custom servers building and testing these add-ons.
  • All add-ons are now scanned during built and release by Clair to prevent security issues in our add-ons.
  • All add-ons are constantly scanned and monitored by We will be notified immediately in case of security issues occur. (Major thanks to for helping us out!)
  • The add-ons repository is now entirely generated and automatically synced with all the add-ons. This ensures repositories are in sync, never forgotten and releases are almost instantly.
  • The base images that these add-ons are built on are entirely revised.
  • All add-ons have been updated to follow the Docker best practices. These are checked on every code change by GitLab CI.
  • All add-ons had maintenance. All software is updated to the latest and greatest and the documentation has been revisited.
  • There are now 2 bots in place on the GitHub project. The Add-ons Assistant is helping us out with the GitHub issues and pull requests and the AddonsBot is fully active taking care of updating code across the different GitHub Repositories.
  • We now have Edge & Beta add-ons repositories available. This allows everybody to test the latest and greatest (in case you don’t care about stability that much, or just wanna help out!)
  • I’ve removed all the PayPal, Bitcoin, … buttons. If you’d like to show your appreciation, then please, just buy me a coffee.

So that’s quite a lot, right? So what changed in this specific add-on?

Full Changelog


  • Adds SQLite by default
  • Adds .yamllint configuration
  • Adds all architectures to add-on config
  • Adds Probot configuration
  • Adds initial add-on README template
  • Adds Gitlab CI


  • Fixes Markdownlint warning in License
  • Adds Probot configuration


  • Replaces Changelog with GitHub releases
  • Updates hassio-cli to v1.3.0 (#22) (@bastula)
  • Updates README
  • Upgrades add-on base image to v1.4.1
  • Downgrades ttyd to 1.3.3-r3


  • Removes CircleCI
  • Removes CodeClimate
  • Removes supervisor version constraint from add-on config

only seeing 2.3 here…

Go to the add-on store and hit the refresh button in the top right…

Bugger!!! I reloaded the supervisor before posting. Found it now. Thanks.

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:tada: Release v2.4.1

Full Changelog


  • Updates hassio-cli to v1.3.1
  • Updates bind-tools to 9.11.3-r0
  • Updates sqlite to 3.21.0-r1

:tada: Release v2.5.0

Full Changelog


  • Moves build-env to latest
  • Upgrades base image to v1.4.2
  • Upgrades git to 2.15.2-r0
  • Rewrites GitLab CI

Hi Guys!

I’m considering merging this add-on (Terminal add-on) with the SSH add-on.

The advantages of this would be:

  • Pick up sessions from SSH using your web terminal
  • Pick up session from your Web terminal using SSH
  • Smaller footprint (in case you have both installed)
  • Less maintenance for me

What do you think?


as long as they have the same functionality should be ok. However until this week I was running the official ssh addon and Terminal… you will be forcing people who only want one to use both.

That is something I could solve, by adding an option to enable/disable SSH and/or the Terminal.

E.g., "ssh": false and "terminal": true


:tada: Release v2.5.1

:warning: Deprecation warning

This add-on is in a deprecated state!

This add-on is now deprecated and has been replaced by a different addon:
“SSH & Web Terminal”

This new add-on combines the SSH and Terminal add-ons into one single powerful
solution, contains the latest upgrades and updates, and provide much more tools.

Please upgrade asap since this add-on won’t receive any updates or upgrades

Full Changelog


  • Deprecates the add-on

The add-on has now been removed from the repository and the add-on store.
See message above for the alternative.