Community Highlights: 23rd edition

The 23rd edition of the Home Assistant Community Highlights! Some interesting things popped up around our community, which we thought was worth sharing.

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Blueprint of the week

This week’s blueprint is all about medication. It may happen that you forget to swallow it, what if you create an automation that sends you a message as a reminder every time? Mati24 has now made a handy blueprint for that, try it out!


Read more about it on the community forum or install this automation in your instance with a click on the My button!

Swiper card

Not enough space on your Lovelace dashboard? Then try the swiper card made by bramkragten, with which you can easily swipe through different cards in the same card frame.


Lovelace dashboard

Also this week we have a new Lovelace dashboard for the necessary portion of inspiration 😄 This time the dashboard of DoIGotSkillz, who made one for use on a tablet wall mount.

Would you also like your dashboard to be in the community highlight? Drop it on Reddit and maybe I’ll pick it out for the next edition.


Recently we had an item about switching entities in Minecraft, well this time it’s a game again but in 2D. svendroid made a proof of concept game that you can play in the browser, you can adjust the map so that your own light entities work with it.

Doesn’t this also remind you of the old Pokemon games from the past? 😅


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This makes it sound like people put the medication in their mouth and then go about their day forgetting to swallow it!

Off by one error?

I think it counts the post itself as a comment as well, if you go to the community tab by pressing Continue discussion