Community Highlights: 8th edition

The 8th edition of the Home Assistant Community Highlights! Some interesting things popped up around our community, we thought was worth sharing. But first of all, I would like to introduce myself and say Hello! Because it’s no longer Frenck who writes the community highlights, but a new person.

My name is Klaas Schoute, 25 years old (almost 26 🥳) and living in the Netherlands. Currently, I’m studying interaction technology at the university of applied sciences in Leiden and from this week until the summer I’m doing an internship at Nabu Casa.

In the coming period, I will be working on energy measurements: what ways there are to measure energy, which insights you can gain from it and how you could optimize consumption.


Control your home from a StreamDeck

Especially the streamers “among us” will really enjoy this! There is now a way to operate your Home Assistant using the buttons on a StreamDeck but also display certain sensor values.

How cool is this!

ESPHome update

Quite recently ESPHome has received a new update (1.16.0), with a lot of new hardware support. From now on, you will also be able to expect more frequent updates, as they have adopted a monthly release cycle.

Click on the picture to see the entire changelog.

Mechanical sculptures

jessecakeindustries shared a nice vintage project on the Home Assistant subreddit and wonders whether there might be a market for these kinds of products. Quite a funny device to remind yourself in certain situations 🙂

Who else would want one in the house?

Is there a market for bespoke home automation components? You may recall I built this interface to our home that speaks, rings, and lights regular alerts. It has tasmota at its heart so is hardware based and easily interfaced with Home Assistant. Is there a market for me to make this kind of thing? from r/homeassistant

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Welcome Klaas :wave:

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Welcome aboard Klaas!

I look forward to reading your upcoming article about energy measurements.

1 Like is an interesting video showing how to monitor / measure power using ESP and of course Home Assistant from Digiblurdiy.

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Welkom Klaas

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In the Netherlands probably a lot of users use the DSMR integration for energy monitoring. but if you have solarpanels, the utilitymeter is not going tot measure your total energy usage. It can’t measure the current produced and used directly in the house. If you ever consider a home battery, you’ll probably need these statistics.

Looking forward to Klaas’ article about energy monitoring using home-assistant! :face_with_monocle:

Welcome and good luck! Really looking forward to some of your suggestion on optimizing consumption with the use of Home Assistant!

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Welcome Klaas and great first update!

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Super exited about the streamdeck plugin. Was using this one before. But the one you showed seems more sophisticated.

Unfortunately I was not able to get it working. I can’t select the domain. The drop-down seems empty (just a small yellow line).

I used the same access token and url which is working in the tobimori solution.

I tried


All with the same result. What am I missing?

Any tips appreciated.


I am also really looking forward to news on ther energy measurment front.
Just finished my first version in my flat, just to experience, that there is so much more possible! We are just scratching the surface here. Would be awesome if there would also be an integration for Energy disaggregation!

It took me while … until I got it.


Works. Thanks.

Welcome Klaas! Looking forward to hearing more from you!!

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Hi! Have you found anything for the energy disaggregation? I’m very interested in it too…

What does that even mean?