Companion and nabucasa

Hey fellas,

i can’t get the companion app to work when i’am not at home, nabucasa is not recognized. Is there a step-by-step manual how to get nabucasa working on the iphone companion app?

In the companion app i added my homeassistant installation as “external url: homeassistant:8123”. While in my local network i have no problems connecting to homeassistant. when i’am leaving my wifi i have no access.

while doing some reseach i found some information, that the app should find my nabucasa account on it’s own and should config it on it’s own. but i can’t get it to work, since the app doesn’t recognize nabucasa at all.

when i’am trying to add my nabucasa url, it also fails.

Please help :slight_smile:

kind regards and stay safe and sound!