Companion App Connection Errors

Greetings. Suddenly, the Companion App will not connect to Home Assistant at all. I can connect remotely from other computers (and even from the browser on my phone), but the Companion App itself will not connect. I get NSURLErrorDomain -1200 when connecting through my duckdns instance and NSURLErrorDomain -1004 when connecting locally.

It seems to be some kind of SSL issue, but I have no idea how to correct it.

-1200 indicates a SSL error
Did you properly install the certificate?

Where? And which certificate? I wasn’t using SSL at all (successfully). Is it now required?

I of course have no clue what you setup, just explaining what I read from the error
So when you access externally (what you describe as duckdns) what URL do you use?

With me (using dev/test app), the app got updated yesterday (I believe)…maybe re-install might help

I use

It works with no problem from the browser. It does not work from the Companion App.

In the latest iOS app (2022.8), go to the app settings then tap ‘add server’ at the top. You don’t need to finish adding the server, but the onboarding flow has significantly improved error messages about certificate errors like you are encountering. That should give you more information.

I have seen the same behaviour. Killing and restarting the app won’t bring the connection back. But dis- and enabling wifi does. If seen this behaviour on the current and public version of iOS with different phone types.

Will try @zacwest 's suggestion next time it happens.

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I got the same issue on my Iphone.
The version of the home assisstant app is the 2022.8.
As i have reboot my phone I reinstall Home Assisstant but I am not able to access. I have the following error message when I provide my duckdns adress starting by https:

Can someone help me please :slight_smile:

Same problem here. BUT The domain is accessible via web browser with no SSL issues at all. All is ok. Only the App throws -1200 NSUrlError.

Anyone any idea?

apparently no progress here. Got the same problem. still no solution at hand ?