Companion app crashes constantly

I could use some assistance to troubleshoot my IoS app crashing every time I try to use it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and even used Testflight to install the latest beta version to see if that makes any difference. Basically whenever I launch the app either on my home network or remote, I click around in the interface and it starts to lag and crash within 2 minutes. I have looked in the app even log under debugging but it hasn’t given me any information about the crash. I have updated my phone to IOS 16.4 as well and no change has been observed. Where do I start to troubleshoot the problem?

I have the same, did you manage to fix it?

Sadly, I ended up reinstalling HA and rebuilding from scratch, not even rebuilding it and restoring it would help the situation. I am using all of the same integrations, addons, automations, blueprints, etc, so I never figured out what was causing the issue.

I assume you cleared the cache and all data for the app (or whatever the iOS equivalent is called), uninstalled and reinstalled?

Absolutely, even enrolled in the IOS app beta so I could try a different version of the app. Still crashes after about 30 seconds

I’m having the same issue here.
On the companion app, I entered in the configuration and saw that there were 2 servers configured on the menu (same twice). I removed one and now the app on IOS works better. It still crashes, but it is somewhat usable.

Well, my app crashing is back. I can open HA using my browser on my device and it will stay open all day, but maybe a minute of the companion app and it crashes. It also crashes on every other phone connected to my instance. How do I debug what could be causing this?

Same issue. Basically unusable for me now. Are there logs we can look at for the companion app?

I haven’t been able to find much information. By chance do you use a reverse proxy in front of home assistant? NGINX, or even access remotely through Nabu Casa? It seems like going through the reverse proxy isn’t working well with my app.