Companion app for iOS 2024.1: CarPlay is here!

Really cool! I Tried it and works Good!

Is it possible to hide entitys from CarPlay? I now got multiple pages of lights but really dont need the single lights that are grouped for example.


Ah thats why I allready had one action in there. The one to open my driveway Doors are listening to an actionable notification.

Thank you @bgoncal for adding this feature! I’ll try it in the next days. Abraço.

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There are several aftermarket radios that you can install under $150 USD from Amazon or ebay

Is there a way to have CarPlay use the Text field as primary “Name” instead of the actual name of the action? The Text field can be or is used as a vanity name for the action so it would be better for CarPlay to display it as such. I hope I am making sense here.

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Make sure that you have a value in the Name and the Text field before hitting Save. I think I left the text field blank once and it just ignored the Save.

Please forgive me if this is obvious, I am assuming you need to have set up access to your HA instances thru HA cloud or use the cloudflare solution if you use wireless CarPlay since your wi-if connection is to CarPlay connection and not your home wi-if (or other wi-fi you have the creds for). Wired CarPlay you would have access to your home wi-fi since wi-fi connection is not used for CarPlay. I wish apple would allow HomeKit access via touchscreen in CarPlay instead of a Siri voice solution as the Siri command can get ridiculous depending on your entity names.

Is anyone else getting errors when adding the "show_in_carplay: true" line in to their ios actions?
I have updated my Home Assistant to the latest version as of today (2024.1.5) to no avail.


I did not have to add anything special to my actions. Just created a new action, filled out the Name and Test fields, changed the icon and background colors to my liking and then save. May sure whatever you put in the Name field in the action matches the actionName in the automation.

I don’t have CarPlay (yet). How does connectivity work with CarPlay apps? Is it using the iPhones modem for data? Or the cars modem, if it has one?

really confusing. I created the action in the app.
There is an example yaml code in the bottom of that action.
Do I need to copy that to the configuration.yaml.
I first did not try that, no ios.action_fired is found (I assume this will be auto-filled when found)
I added that yaml code to configuration.yaml and restarted HA, same failure.
What am i missing?

I made an error. Nothing needs to be added to configuration.yaml.

I needed to add “actionName: name of action” in the Event data field.

works great!!!

FYI if you expose your garage cover to HomeKit via the bridge integration in HA, vanilla CarPlay will automatically show the garage button on the screen when you arrive at your house, and tapping it works immediately. You don’t need the companion app for this.

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I don’t believe this works for multiple garages/covers

The Konnected community is going to be super pumped by this news. Our existing Smart Garage Door Opener, the newly announced Smart Garage Door Opener White (v2), and the soon-to-launch myQ alternative called blaQ integrate seamlessly with Home Assistant.

Is this available worldwide? I don’t see how to download/install it. I already have Home Assistant (regular app) on my iPhone 15 Pro with IOS 17.2.1


First of all, thanks a lot for all the great work.

Any plans to allow defining which entities/areas are to be exposed to Carplay (in a similar way to Homekit)?

That is a must for me, otherwise the entities/areas tab will just be a bunch of random entities/areas (with or without pages). For me, this currently limits the usefulness to the usage of actions (which is already great, don’t take me wrong).

Thanks again for the great work.


I must be missing something simple, but I have the latest HA and the updated companion app, but none of my entities show up. Anybody else get this?

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this is great news…I already use a handful of actions on my Apple Watch so to have access to similar in CarPlay is gonna be amazing

Now what would be really handy is a way to target actions…so for example, some i use oin my watch daily but id never need to use from the car…sso the ability to pick as and where these actionsexist would be amazing…and I guess (thinking a long way in the future) being able to have a custom dashboard on carplay would be amazing

I have been waiting for this for… I dunno how long.

I’ve had Actions configured in the Companion App for quite awhile just to support Quick Actions on my iPhone: hold the icon and set Night Mode, etc. Now I know the Home Assistant/CarPlay marriage is in its honeymoon phase, here… however, I’d like to see HA Actions be categorizable. The Actions I use on the iPhone are not the same ones I want to use in CarPlay. And at least for now, they prominently display the entity_ids above the friendly names:

I’d love to have just a subset of these Actions (or even better, an entirely different set of Actions) available on the CarPlay screen, showing the friendly names only.

For now though… I’m a happy camper just to see the integration in place.

EDIT: ahhh, seeing posts about show_in_carplay and will need to play with that. I’ll also need to figure out why my action IDs are displayed the way they are, and getting that secondary info text would be cool too.

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