Companion app for iOS 2024.5: Let me Assist you 🍎

It’s in progress, one downside of it is that for now I couldn’t find a way to send audio samples in realtime to HA server, so it requires sending the full audio which makes it slower, but keep an eye on the next releases.

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2024.05 is still broken on my iPad. I’ve factory reset and restored the ipad to iPadOS 17.5.1 on a iPad 6 (WiFi). I have no other apps running on my iPad and never had issues before this update.

When it has been sitting for a while and I tap a new dashboard page it hangs and doesn’t fully render the page. I either have to wait 30-45s or force quit and re-open. When I force quit and re-open everything works as expected and I can navigate through pages, but the same issue persists after it has sat for a while.

I’ve taken a video of what happens which you can see here: PXL_20240530_000001942.mp4 - Google Drive

Instead of sending the audio from a watch to home assistant, could you use Siri’s speech to text, which works great for me on the ultra 2 watch, and then just send the text to HA? For me, the whisper speech to text is a lot worse than Siri.

Hello, I am experiencing the following issue in the iOS app when editing the dashboard. Both on my home network and on the mobile network, I get this error (see video). I am using the Nabucasa cloud link for external connection. Hopefully, you can resolve this?Video’s