Companion app in family phone

Hi all
I have installed companion app in my wife and kid android phone. They have one dedicated tab available with basic info, and I use their phone to track the places (for my kid) and if they are home (with sensors)

I have noticed that sometimes - especially if their phone drop battery below 15% (which is happening quite often) companion app stops reporting. Most of the time I have to open their app in order to start working again.

is there any kind of automation that could help or a way to wake app companion app?

Have you made sure that the app can run in the background and any and all battery optimization settings are turned off for the app?

Yes it is enabled, but if the phone goes below 15% it kills all the apps by default I think and I can not avoid it. The problem is when they charge their phone companion app remains in sleep mode until I just open it again.

If the system kills the app then it also kills the background sensor worker. On my pixel devices they continue to report until the device dies so you may want to research your device more and find the right setting. has some good tips to stay with. You can try enabling more sensors to trigger more updates. The sleep sensors like to check in every few minutes so that might keep the worker alive when the app gets killed.

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